Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sovereign Souls

Some days the gravity of depression makes just getting out of bed seem like a major accomplishment.  It's the certain knowing that the yesterday's terrors still await; just beyond the veil of slumber, whether they be personal, national or worldwide. 

Willing or not we arise each day nonetheless to face anew demons both known and unknown, and give it our best shot once again.  Whether the demons are with us or against us matters little because we seem to have collectively chosen to forget that this isn't how it's supposed to be; this is not who we are.

 We are gradually, grudgingly remembering something of our true selves, our true nature as sovereign souls but we don't always recognize or trust our senses because the memories are filtering through generations of programming by those who wish to control and enslave us for fun and profit.

 We arrive here with free will and precious little memory of before; and from the moment of our birth all that starts to fade away.  We're each given a name, race, religion, and nationality all of which is just a false identity imprinted upon us which we are expected to defend for the rest of our life.  The system is so diabolical that it doesn't even need to constantly keep the pressure on us to conform; we do that for them thru peer pressure, because the very worst thing is to be an outsider, belonging to no distinct group.

How about we take a closer look at what being a sovereign soul means so that we all go forward with the same definition.  There is the common definition of sovereign which relates to a monarch, or ruler of a land which when applied spiritually to an individual simply means we are the "masters of our fate and the captain of our souls" as William E. Henley wrote in Invictus.*

The dictionary goes on to further define sovereign as possessing supreme or ultimate power, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, unconditional and superlative in quality!  Having sovereign power over our Self means that we enjoy the autonomy of independence and undisputed ascendancy.  Or at least we are supposed to, but as I look around me I see damn few of us living our lives that way.  In fact, modern society is designed and structured to prevent us from remembering who we really are and why we're all here at this critical time in history.

Some might reply that every individual living their fullest potential as a sovereign soul wouldn't work because everyone would be their own deity.  Exactly!  That is the expressed meaning in the greeting Namaste, "I salute the God within you."  It really is as simple as that.  The only reason to complicate or obfuscate the matter is to trick us into giving our power away to others so that they can in turn control us, robbing us of our dignity as sovereign souls. 

Our sovereignty as souls was stolen from us so long ago that we simply don't remember anything else, which is why we tacitly accept what we have today as 'reality' when it is the farthest thing from it; and in the silence at the heart of things we know that.  Those who seek our conformity and silent acceptance of things do not want us applying concepts such as unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, unconditional and autonomy to ourselves lest we become awake; and aware of our true heritage of being sovereign spirits.  Sovereignty is the very essence of Freedom; and is exactly why we are not allowed to live according to our spiritual preferences. 

 We are here to live in balanced harmony with the planet, not to rape it and strip it bare of its treasures, destroying the environment in the process, just so the self appointed shepherds can live in uncontrolled luxury.  In the silence at the heart of things, we know this, and yet we never speak out; as if we've long ago given up any hope of anything better than what little is offered to us, afraid of losing it.

Time after time we bear silent witness to the atrocities committed by the powerful in pursuit of ever more control, ever more riches.  We've turned our gaze and thoughts away for so very long, insulated by geography, that we can only gaze in silent horror now that the atrocities have come home to America.  The fact that humanity has to clarify that any lives matter should be concern enough that we are very far away from where we should be.  Yet we humans seem to harbor a deep seated hatred of our own kind which is evident from even a cursory glance thru our history on this planet. 

"You want change without sacrifice, you want peace with no struggle,
the world doesn't work like that" 
~David, (the Divergent series)~

It's a simple formula that's been working for centuries.  First our self appointed leaders convince us that we need them.  Then they point out those who are different, & decree that they are the enemy coming to take all your stuff; and keep us at each others throats fighting their wars of  conquest, control and riches.  Somehow, we never seem to catch on to the game.  We're never given even the slightest chance to call a worldwide 'time out' to discuss things among ourselves.  Our sovereignty has been stolen, and we've been enslaved without bars & chains so we think we are free; yet in the silence at the heart of things we know that we are not.

 In every single aspect of our lives we are separated, categorized and designated as belonging to at least one group or another, with many of us occupying two or more groups; such as a woman who is a mother and also a CEO of a business.  We are divided into groups by income, religion, ethnicity, and gender.  We are encouraged and often rewarded for staying within our given social strata when it in the upper percentages, while those in the lower social strata of "urban" environments are intimidated and forced to stay within theirs.  This is perhaps the oldest of the caste systems, the haves vs the have nots."

As the late George Carlin so wisely noted: "In America we have a 3 class system.  You have the upper class who own all the property and control all the money; then you have the middle class who do all of the work for very little money.  Then you have the lower class, the poor, whose function is to scare the shit out of the middle class."  That is exactly how the "system" is designed to work.  It isn't broken as politicians always claim in false dismay; it's working exactly the way it is intended to function, and by now I believe most of us understand that no amount of voting is going to change anything.

This system takes an increasing toll on us as we constantly struggle to keep head above water and loved ones safe from harm.  Having to pretend that the everyday mundane world is in any way normal tends to turn us a bit neurotic the longer we live with the dichotomy.  As a result we humans show a pronounced need for our little psychological crutches whatever they may be: cigarettes, drink, smoking cannabis, sex, sports, or just   schadenfreude.  Sometimes the crutches manifest as music, reading, hobbies, television, shopping, surfing the internet, multi-tasking or just plain busy work.  Anything to prevent us being alone with our own thoughts for more than a few minutes.

Perhaps because of  spiritual neurosis we humans show a marked capacity for enduring life long bouts with low self esteem, at the very least.  To avoid this; some elect to excel at everything they do, which is just playing into the grand design.  Our self-anointed rulers invented competition as a means to keep us challenging each other instead of them.  Others among us are not so resilient, or able to process & integrate the increasing madness in open society, so they sometimes act out just to maintain whatever grip they have on reality.  Along with competition amongst ourselves, the overlords came up with a blueprint for our care & feeding which we call the rat race.

The Rat Race & 3 Circles of Choice

 First we're fed this disgusting notion that our existence is all for the sake of progress and unlimited, unchecked growth of business and financial kingdoms; everything comes after that in priority, especially us!  To facilitate this we were given the 40 hour work week with a two week vacation every year, maybe.  It is cleverly disguised in such a way as to give workers the illusion of promotion & advancement within the company, which always seems to go to the less deserving kiss asses.

To reach the financial security and "good life" of the upper eschelon one must scramble every day because on this playing field the competition is nothing if not brutal.  Once there you are always on guard for some aggressive and bold move on your job by any number of other workers, nothing is guaranteed, hence the rat race.

In the workplace, career and life in general, about the most important tool one has is their decision making skill.  Good choices can make things easier, while bad ones can haunt us for years, if not a lifetime.  When it comes to making our decisions, we find that choice comes in three distinct & concentric circles with us in the center.  The first circle of choice is the closest to us as it represents short term day to day, mundane choices.  The second circle of choice is further out and represents intermediate decisions over a range of months and consists primarily of planning and strategy, etc.  The third circle of choice represents our long range goals that the intermediate choices hopefully bring to us.

Our problems tend to arise when we make our career choices within the limited sphere of probability we're offered.  Major pressure is put upon us to be winners all the time at every thing we attempt.  Of course it isn't logical but when has that ever stopped us from folly?  In the workplace and in professional careers this rush to be number one, to be a winner is unrelenting, and for most of us unbearable.  We must decide how we will deal with this on a daily basis, smack in the middle of the first circle of choice

"Every birth is an act of violence, every death, is a suicide;
in-between we are the slaves of lies"

Nobody sets out to be a total loser, so we rule that out right away.  The trouble is that being a winner constantly at the top of the heap is exhausting, expensive and really hard on relationships, and it sucks!  For the majority it's just too much stress trying to win the rat race; that in our subconscious mind we make that first level decision to not make the effort to always be a winner, and to not be a loser either.  We make the unconscious choice to just glide thru life somewhere between being a "winner" and being a "loser" and that one choice limits & cripples every choice that comes after; because no second or third level choices can exceed limits set on the first level.

This is exactly how so many have short circuited their own success in life.  Even if you come to have the necessary skills and experience to excel and be a "winner," that first level choice will always prevail and snatch victory from your grasp. 

The same thing can happen with our emotions if we aren't being aware.  Again we have a situation where our choices are often influenced by peer pressure.  One or two painful sojourns in the world of romance can cause us humans to protect ourselves from another such experience.  In one extreme, we don't think we deserve a healthy loving relationship and sentence ourselves to a life of solitude. 

On the opposite end of extreme are those who remain in a toxic relationship for years believing they deserve nothing better. That old low self esteem thing again. Then there are those who move from one relationship to another, and then another like butterflies sampling a field of flowers; all to keep from feeling that hurt again.  Insulated and alone even in a crowd.

In Lak'ech ~ Ala K'in

There is an ancient Mayan traditional greeting known as In Lak'ech-Ala K'in which translated to English means roughly "I am another You-You're another Me."  This was their way of always honoring the sovereign soul that abides within each of us.  It served to remind the individual that no matter the circumstances, what he does to others he does also to himself.  We have lost that knowledge because we have lost our way.

We have been so caught up in the games of the great shining lie for so long now that we're on the verge of losing our sense of humanity.  All of the truly nasty things which turn our stomachs and sicken our souls has been amplified (with the horror factor ratcheted up) by our traverse through 4th dimensional time-space.  We are living in the last days of the Kali Yuga, burning out the negative dichotomies of the Piscean age as the fledgling era of Aquarius gets it's legs and wits about it.  Call it the cleansing rinse of a 26,000 year cosmic cycle that both the Hindu and Mayan knew about.

Just today in conversation with a friend, we acknowledged how badly the dark ages set us back.  Almost a thousand years without any scientific advancement whatsoever, and generations living only to exist another day, with medicine considered witchcraft.  Without the dark ages we might very well have cured cancer and have people living on the moons of Saturn.  In some very real ways we are on the cusp of a new dark age all over again.  Only time will tell if we will actually allow them to walk us backwards for a thousand years.

One of the things used to separate us from our past as sovereign souls and prevent us from remembering it; is something called forbidden archaeology.  Just as there are many things and subjects we're not permitted to know today; the exact same holds for the ancient past on this planet.  Great effort has been, and shall continue to be made to conceal from the general public the existence of many "lost" civilizations throughout history.  Civilizations which possessed technology superior to what we have today are not lost, knowledge of them is forbidden.  Ruins of a great ancient city have been discovered in recent years deep in the waters near Cuba, with very little news reporting.

If we were allowed access to such information it would enable us to readily see that in the distant past humans were more advanced with superior technology than what exists today.  Even history which is not forbidden talks of great science & weapons; such as the Indian Mahabharata.  We have been hand fed just what knowledge we're supposed to have which has filled our heads with revisionist history and outright lies.  Knowledge is power, which is exactly why things operate as they do. 

Meanwhile at Standing Rock, North Dakota; politicians & corporations are working together to poison native American tribal water supplies; because none of the white communities wanted the toxic risk in their neighborhood, just a few miles away.  Total disregard for human life and the environment just to make some damn money. 

In Oak Flat, Arizona the government is trying to sell sacred tribal lands to mining corporations despite a strong tribal push back and protest.  Outright theft of native American lands, still going on today.  Why do we still allow such things?  Why do we just turn a blind eye and ear every time.  Perhaps a far better question is, who do we expect will stand up in outrage when they come for us?  That's a thought to ponder.

Europe is experiencing a historic refugee crisis with people fleeing from various mid-east war zones.  Some countries are welcoming the refugees with open hearts and arms, to feed and shelter them, while many others refuse to help.  It shouldn't matter what ethnicity refugees are; yet so many countries blatantly refuse to help Muslim refugees in any way.  Where is the humanity?  There is no rational or moral reason for refusing aid to Muslim refugees, only fear and racist rhetoric, that's all. 

Yet when Trump first decreed his illegal/immoral Muslim travel ban, I witnessed the news coverage of Americans in Airports forming a human shield to protect Muslims who were in prayer for their families safety.  Sovereign souls know no ethnic or political boundaries, nor do they tolerate racism & bigotry.   

We're all the same, we all bleed the same red blood.

Unfortunately this thinking is not prevalent with those in power around this planet, as slavery and human trafficking continue to be thriving occupations; and wherever you go human dignity is dismissed as humans are slaughtered by the hundreds every day as if they are livestock.

There is the deep internet where one can go to purchase anything from illicit drugs to assassinations for hire, that has been getting some news recently; and it is simply the internet for those in real life who sell humans into slavery as if selling a cow or chicken.
The deep internet, sometimes also called dark-net is not just a reflection of the worst side of humanity, I believe it was also created by them, and their kind; it's simply an extension of the black market and shadow economy.

As recently as 1830, the New York trading houses commonly backed financial deals with slaves, not currency.  In a very real sense, slavery built America.  In addition to slavery being rampant in the south, many American cities were built with deals that were backed by slaves somewhere in the mix. 

All of that was possible because people with black skin were thought by whites to be inferior in every way, and not worthy of the same life and liberty enjoyed by their owners.  In point of fact, google "cornerstone speech" and you will very plainly see that the entire concept and reality of the confederate states was founded upon the wrong-headed notion that Negroes are inferior to white skinned people. 

Almost 200 years after slaves were considered as currency in New York we are still dealing with the same pig headed thinking that has caused so much misery and hatred on this planet.  Slavery wasn't abolished, it was just made illegal; the thinking behind it is what remains, and it always finds a way around the law.  Until the concept of In Lak'ech-Ala K'in lives in every human heart on the planet, we will still be held back from our Noetic destiny by those who only know hate and intolerance.  

Our destiny as a nation my have just abruptly changed for the worse with the racist hater Trump in charge.  The budget suggestions he just handed congress included many billions for defense, and a slashed budget for social programs and the arts & humanities funding. 

Clearly humanity has a lot of work to do in several areas before we overcome intolerance, hatred and greed.  There are those who desire to help fix these social problems by making us all equal thru technology, the transhumanism crowd who just can't wait till we all have implants and think the same thoughts.  We can always tell when a concept is gaining ground with the ruling class because movies and TV shows about it begin popping up.  Films like "Prometheus" along with televised series like "Westworld" and "Humans" all center on the common theme of taking the sovereign soul right out of the equation.  Just one of the nastier side effects of technology addiction.

Corporations have become voracious raptors; infecting humans with insatiable greed and the ability to justify anything with three little words: "It's just business" - as if business was nothing but a brand new fluffy & toothless puppy dog.  The assimilation that became the military-industrial-complex which departing president Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech has since taken over the world. 

Corporations even have the utter audacity of demanding they be granted all the same rights as a human person!  Well, I think that by now we all understand that no corporation has a soul, so just how the hell can it be a 'person'?  Even this simple basic truth is ignored by all, and corporations got what they wanted, status of personhood in the legal system.

Anything our leaders don't want us knowing or learning about is simply ignored in the American media, which is owned by just six companies.  As example; the two biggest stories currently under US news blackout are Fukushima, and the populist revolution in Iceland.  They really don't want us reading about how Iceland has effectively taken their country back from big banks and corporations.  They don't want us knowing that in a free democracy, we the people still means something.

If we sovereign souls are enslaved by anything today it is money; because we need it to live and survive.  So in that regard we are at the whim of those who control the flow of money.  We willingly wear the symbols of servitude, the business suit and tie, the uniform of the corporate slave, ever reluctant to break the bonds of fashion set by those in control.  Origin of the business tie goes back to the mercenaries hired by King Louis the 13th during France's 30 years war; who wore colored pieces of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform.  King Louie liked the look so much he made it mandatory at all formal gatherings, and the rest is history.  

So; our quest for money for survival includes wearing the approved uniform of the era; but it is the need for that money which enslaves us, and controls our behavior.  We can trace this need for money all the way back to the Chinese Mongol King, Kublai  Khan, (grandson of Genghis Khan) who was the first to introduce the concept of paper money to take the place of gold & silver coins.  He simply decreed that "paper was the new gold" and those who refused to accept this were killed. 

These days those who refuse to use paper currency are not put to death so much as they are forgotten by a system which runs on that paper money.  You might also run into some difficulty if you took all your paper money and tried to turn it in for the gold that supposedly backs it.  Just like in Kublai Khan's time we're forced into a false economic system whether we like it or not.  Forced by both tradition and peer pressure to conform to the all prevailing system because "it's only business" after all.  We sacrifice all our hopes and dreams upon the altar of consumerism and business as dutiful worker drones of the great shining lie. 

It is not by error or mistake that life in the system leaves no time for us to pursue the benefits of being sovereign souls.  Just as we are allowed the freedom to wear whatever necktie we want, we're also permitted to belong to any of the approved organized religions as long as it involves giving all your power away.

The power of a sovereign soul must be formidable for there to be so much energy put into denying it's existence.  Ever notice how there always seems to be some horrible fate or spiritual penalty for not believing the same way as the majority do?  The system demands our conformity and the church insists we should be humble in supplication.   I've always had a problem with how every religion insists that their way is the only way.  It has always bothered me that some 2000 years ago God's son said we should love one another; and ever since we've been killing one another over how he said it.  I'm pretty sure that isn't what he had in mind!

The system fills our heads with the idea that there is never enough to go around, and that only the hardest working will gain the rewards of status & wealth. They hold that carrot just out of reach while they smack our subconscious with the stick to keep us motivated enough to keep running the rat race, thinking we'll get ahead.  We're conditioned to see everyone as our competitor, they play on our trust issues and feed our fears.

Even if we resist all these pressures of the modern world we still see those around us who are always negative and full of ulterior motives.  People who use passive aggressive manipulation to not just get their way, but to get ahead of the other rats in the race.  This is not to say that one who has discovered their sovereign soul nature cannot thrive in the everyday mundane business world, just the opposite.  When you know you are a sovereign soul it then becomes much easier to work around the pitfalls of conformity.

On an everyday basis we only see one side of the other people we interact with, that side of them they feel comfortable with others seeing, their social mask.  To see beyond this social mask you either need to know one another over a long time; or see them when disaster strikes.  In our everyday mode of conformity we can become untrusting and even self centered.  When some disaster or other emergency strikes however, that is when we shine our brightest.  All the fake everyday mundane stuff falls away and the sovereign soul emerges, out of necessity.  Unfortunately, once the emergency has subsided we slip back into that everyday survival mode. 

Our pre-determined way of life is structured by those who control the money and make the rules.  If we are very fortunate we can find a way of making money within this system by doing what we love; but for the majority I feel that is something only dreamed about.  No matter how hard we work, there always seem to be obstacles which prevent us from accruing a meaningful savings or actually achieving our dreams.  Those obstacles are built into the system for exactly that function.  Somehow, the more money we make, the more it takes to live; the higher our tax rate is, and the more frequent our financial emergencies become.   That I suspect, is why we call it the rat race.

"Light up the Darkness"
                                 ~Bob Marley~

So how do we go about reclaiming our spiritual sovereignty?  Alas there may be no perfect answer to that question as we're each unique sovereign souls; and each with vastly differing situations & life experience.  Of course the first thing that may come to mind is protest.  The fact that those in power generally ignore protest should not deter us from committing to that tactic, as it has been known to work quite well in many instances. 

Speaking of committing to the tactic: in the last eight years 146 Tibetan monks have self-immolated in protest.  That is taking the tactic of protest to the ultimate spiritual level possible.  To destroy ones mortal self rather than endure conditions that crush the soul.

Short of following the Tibetan monks example, what can we do?

Well for one we can protest often and loudly against the things that make our souls sick.  These days that alone could be a full time profession if only it included a paycheck; being that there is no shortage of things and people to protest.

We can spiritually network with other awake, like minded souls both in our daily lives and through social media.  This cannot be stressed enough, as the famous Arab spring revolutions of 2011 were made possible thru the use of social media; and the reason why dictators always seek to shut down internet access to suppress the ideology of the sovereign souls demanding justice and equality. 

We can also take the fight directly into the spiritual realm within our own spiritual practice.  Meditation can do wonders for relieving the daily stress and keeping our connection with the divine strong.  Jnana: is a Sanskrit term for knowledge acquired through meditation which transcends this mundane plane of earthly existence. We then take that information gained in meditation, and apply it to our waking life.

In our waking life we can also refuse to support that which is destroying us.  Refuse to purchase products from corporations that destroy the environment.  Refuse to purchase GMO foods that poison your family.  We can stop the silent tacit approval crap and stand up for the kind of world we want.  Believe me, if we do not do this, nobody will do it for us, that you can count on.

It's clear to see the prevailing corporate system is failing, and falling apart.  We must see that destruction through to it's logical conclusion, then scrape away all trace of it, and start over.

 No, that will not be easy, just necessary; and it will call for an entirely new, equable system based upon such arcane concepts as truth and justice.  All the chaos and carnage in the world right now is just the Kali Yuga burning away a paradigm that is no longer sustainable.  This 4th dimensional transit is here to pave the way for a higher, more spiritual epoch where the sovereign soul is not beaten into conformity to serve the state. 

We are coming into a time of unprecedented enlightenment, but we're not there yet.  We are not here to bear witness to this great shift of the ages, we are here to be midwives and help bring it fully into manifested reality.  We're here, as Bob Marley said, to light up the darkness.  Go inside to the silence at the heart of things, and discover that which holds true meaning in your life: then have the courage to build your life around that!
"San Francisco in the middle '60's was a very special time and place to be a part of. There was madness in any direction, any hour, you could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. And that I think was the handle - that  sense of inevitable victory over the forces of old and evil; not in any mean or military sense, we didn't need that, our energy would simply prevail. We had all the momentum. We were riding the crest of a high & beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas & look west; and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark, that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back."
~ Hunter S. Thompson~

© 2017 full re-post with permission only 

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Addicted to Technology?

From the time we strapped on our first personal wristwatch we've been on the path that could someday lead to us being addicted to our personal technology.  How clearly I can still recall my very first tech toy.  It was a very basic remote control car powered by a D-cell battery and some imagination.  Driving it up and down the sidewalk with a remote control seemed just like magic.  Today I'm still into radio controlled "toys" having graduated to drones a year or so back.  Then there is the 3D printer sitting in the corner, not to mention enough tech in my home to qualify me as a geek.  I certainly have a lot of tech around me, right down to my electric powered wheelchair;(I blame it all on Isaac Asimov) but am I addicted to it?  We shall see!

Maybe it isn't so much the using of technology as it is what we are using it for.

Smart phones as we know them today arrived on the scene pretty much with the new millennium.  Since that time they've steadily entwined and entrenched themselves into our society, and lives by the simple virtue of being indispensable to us.  Soon after its arrival early in the millennium; the smart phone became all your favorite tech gadgets in one device.  Phone, HD camera, camcorder, text & email, google maps, all your music; and literally thousands and thousands of apps to download for extra multi-tasking ability.  What's not to love?? 

20 years later, in today's society & culture there are those who simply cannot get through a day without their tech.  Then there are also those who abstain & avoid tech like the plague.  I think most of us fall somewhere in between those two extremes; as more and more; being tech literate and tech functional can greatly alter your experience.  I think maybe in the big picture we want the technology to enhance our experience in this place; but not define it. 

Our devices are just fancy gadgets after all, totally optional.  Nothing about them is required for us to survive day to day; although having the technology and knowing how to use it can actually, literally save your life in many instances.  Like a lost hiker without his compass, throw most of us into free range society without our cell phone, and we likely will feel a little lost until logic kicks in.  

Even those who manage to avoid using technology still must struggle with some of it's symptoms on nearly a daily basis because society is increasingly digital and hooked-up.  Even if you never give the idea of technology addiction much thought; you usually find out which group you're in about the time you are forced to go a few days without it for whatever reason.

For the last month or so California has been getting the rain we've been praying for; almost too much of it as evidenced by the recent problems at America's tallest dam in Oroville California.  Three weeks back it was my neck of the woods that got hammered, and we spent several consecutive days without power, due to multiple mudslides, river flooding and trees falling on the power lines.

No worries for me, my house is high and dry, so I just break out the candles & portable propane heater and I'm good to go.  I really do love my technology, but since I don't do the social media thing, I don't go into a panic attack when everything is out.  Actually when the power drops, so does the electromagnetic grid around us.  It may not be that noticeable to a lot of you, but it is for me because of my years living in Alaska without electricity.  All the wires & conduits in our dwellings create that electromagnetic grid, like a cage of energy all around us.  As long as you're inside your dwelling you cannot escape it, until the power goes off.

Unfortunately most folks miss something kind of beautiful in those first moments after the power fails & everything goes dark and quiet.  They're instantly so concerned with when it will come back on & finding candles that they miss it.  Those of us attuned to such things can actually feel the electromagnetic grid collapse when the power goes; not unlike being under a blanket and then someone gently pulls the blanket off.  It's a subtle sensation when the power drops; next time it happens to you, try to be aware of those first few moments and you'll see what I mean.

So, when the power goes out what do most of us do?  We usually do pretty much what our ancestors did before subdivisions were invented.  We light a fire, (candles/lanterns) and sit around in one room discussing the dark, and when it will end so we can get back to our lives.  If the outage continues for several days as they often do, everything goes down including land line telephones.  For those stranded at home for several days due to mudslides or trees blocking the road, something kinda interesting happens.  Our metabolic rates begin to return to a more natural configuration. 

Stores and businesses are hardest hit when the power goes because their computerized cash registers won't work and they have to do math with pen and paper.  Not a skill most people still have; it's what happens to a muscle we stop using.  We're so used to our devices calculating everything for us except for the price of a soul, that we forgot basic math, so it no longer comes natural or easily to us.  Same with phone numbers.  If you lost your phone and had to use a phone booth (providing you can still find one) how many peoples phone numbers do you have memorized?

We humans are social creatures first and foremost.  Only the few will elect to exist alone in total solitude; while the greater majority seek each other out.  Long ago one would have their set number of places they visited, in their area.  Like a game trail.  People knew that the larger their circuit of people & places, the greater chance of survival, and perhaps even prosperity.  Our circuits, or 'game trails' intersected with those of others, exponentially increasing contacts, experience and knowledge.  It's how we came to understand our world, and ourselves; thru the various mirrors we encountered.

The idea was that the more people in your bubble, the better the chance of meeting someone who could really help with a boost up in life.  Nowadays we do pretty much the same thing, except technology has allowed us to expand our various 'game trails' to pretty much cover the globe.  We say we are connected, but are we really? 

Knowledge used to be what you had in your head.  Eventually it became what you had in your head plus what books you have collected in your personal library.  Nowadays essentially all knowledge is available on the internet and thru the air like magic to your smart phone; which is hundreds of times more sophisticated that the computers the astronauts took to the moon.  Need to know how to do something?  Just Google it!  Today you really don't have to carry much knowledge in your head as long as you have a wi-fi connection for your smart phone.  What about when the power goes out for a couple days; how does that affect your ability to function?  What if it was gone for a week or more?


Studies began showing several years ago that we increasingly tend to feel cut off and isolated without our mobile tech.  As you might imagine they named it, Nomophobia: for no mobile phone.  Those studies reveal some very interesting sets of data. 
83% of the population have mobile phones
35% of mobile users are using smart phones
58% of smart phone users don't go an hour without checking their phone
38% of college students cannot go ten minutes without checking their phone
60% of people surveyed said they have fallen asleep holding their phone

As for the most common/popular activities with smart phone users:
75% texting with other people
55% sending photos & videos
44% Accessing the internet
38% Social Networking
23% Email

What would you go without for a week instead of your phone?
70% of those surveyed said Alcohol
63% of those surveyed said Chocolate
33% of those surveyed said Sex

I have this dear friend who I secretly believe is the Queen of social media; as she was a pro at it long before I ever got my first smart phone.  If you are lucky enough to exist in her realm it is with the tacit understanding you'll usually only see her by that faint blue light across her face.  Don't mistake me, when in conversation she makes eye contact the way we all prefer; but when the conversation fades or gives way to the tube, she's checking her universe on the phone.  As a neighbor, when I lose power so does she and during those several days of blackout we experienced; she not only weathered the separation better than I might have expected, but she took some walks to photograph the damage on her phone, proving it is her servant, not master!

When your notification alert, or push alerts go off; can you put off checking until current tasks are finished or do you pause and check the phone?  If you do delay the checking, do you feel at all anxious the longer you put it off?  If so, you may have Nomophobia.

Everywhere we go where people gather, nowadays it's always groups of people all staring into their devices.  Proper manners & decorum dictate we turn our devices off when attending gatherings such as church or movies, you know, the real important stuff; but as soon as class, mass or movie is adjourned what do we see but a sea of migrating humanity all staring down into their screens to see what they missed!  

Aside from the very real chance of getting run over in such a stampede, or by something unseen off screen; there may be some health risks associated with using smart phones. Early on some experts claimed that cell phone antennas might cause brain cancer.  Not sufficiently scary enough for us, we just worked around it, willing to take that risk to have so much power at our fingertips. 

Then came Bluetooth technology (named after a Danish king) to keep all of our various devices all synched & updated at once everywhere without wires.  Because now we cannot possibly limit ourselves to just a smart phone; we also have need of tablets and personal digital assistants to ensure our personal kingdom of life is running smoothly; which means our children pretty much need phones if we are to keep them in our cyber loop.  Children with smart phones; yes I definitely see the need for it, as well as some obvious drawbacks.  If your kids are gonna have cell phones it just means their addiction starts sooner.  Maybe there should be an app for teaching how not to become dependent on technology.  Already is one?!?  figures.

Besides whatever health risks we may be flirting with; owning a smart phone has other downsides as well; your personal safety and security.  Unless you take the necessary countermeasures beforehand, you phone can be turned into a rat fink snitch; telling just where you are, who you've been in contact with and where you are going.  Unless you turn them off, the microphone and camera on your phone and laptop can be used to listen in on and spy on you in real time. Government & police agencies love this technology because you freely post all the information they could ever want about you; it makes their job that much easier.  Corporations love this technology because they can see every purchase you make, then design a personal profile of your preferences and use that to market directly to you on your phone and computer.  Google an item for any reason and before you know it, ads for that exact item start appearing, click here, instant gratification.

Now it isn't the devices alone that can become addicting and demanding of our attention; it's really a combination of the hardware and software.  Software apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and others are all vying for your attention, clicks, likes, and disposable income.  I tried doing the Facebook thing a few years back; but continually felt more alienated and offended by it than anything else.  Then when it was disclosed that Facebook was deliberately tweaking, & controlling the news feeds to see what would anger users.  I had to kick Facebook to the curb for that one, and now they are one of the leading purveyors of fake news on the internet.
Do you know what every chip in your phone does?  Do you know it makes a daily map of your movements?  Do you know your phone can regularly send data about you to the manufacturer?  Depending upon how security conscious you are, your smart phone might be your best friend or worst enemy.  Especially with the advancements made with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and placing those devices in your home thru seductive marketing. 

Yes, I have a lot of high technology stuff in my home office, but I absolutely draw the line at AI.  I will not abide having a technology that can hear and understand my speech, record it, & then send it to the cloud or elsewhere without my knowledge.  Now Amazon has developed the hyper-sexy Echo & Alexa listening devices that sit inconspicuously on your table and listen to every word said.  I know, I know; they say these devices aren't used for spying on us and only activate to a key sequence of words, but why then is there no off button?

Voice activated AI devices are even embedded in many TV system remotes.  The one from Comcast supposedly only activates with the push of a button; but I don't believe it.  To illustrate my point here; there are currently at least two legal cases being decided involving this technology.  One is a murder case where the "Echo" device is thought to have recorded a killing in progress.  In another case the Amazon Alexa unit overheard two children talking about a specific (expensive) doll they wanted; so Amazon shipped the doll and billed the parents account!  Now that is a predatory business practice!

There are even AI circuits in our cars like "eyesight" and adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. Such things may well take some of the old worries out of driving, and perhaps put some new ones in as well.  These new automotive features can all be hacked by outsiders who then can take complete control of your car while you are in it!  This is one of the main reasons we don't see fleets of driverless cars.  The technology is ready except for not being hack-proof, and until they fix that loophole, no driverless Uber fleets any time soon.  But maybe not; never underestimate the power of corruption!  If they can make the kids in Flint drink leaded water they can authorize hackable driverless cars.

Then there is the Snowden factor to consider: as in our government is watching us, following us, and listening to our conversations all via our use of technology.  The more we use the easier we make their job.  The operational philosophy of these alphabet agencies is simple; "We want it all"  Not just the terrorists, enemies of the state, or drug cartels; they want it all.  Besides it's so much easier that way.  They just scoop up everything, and have their sniffing programs filter thru the haul looking for any one of thousands of buzz-words.  Say the word "president" or "Allah" on your phone, that conversation gets flagged for analysis, you get flagged for analysis!

Google is currently working on AI web-bots to scrub the net of the most toxic trolls.  They are teaching the bots not just word recognition, but syntax and context as well. Once the field of parameters is complete these bots can then be sent out to silence toxic trolls, as well as any other citizen using their right to free speech, if that speech offends those in control.  
"Don't be Evil" guys...remember that?

 Our phones are our lifelines to everyone we know and hold close to our hearts; and that is why we feel the way we do when it suddenly isn't there for an undefined length of time.  That phone has become more than just a device, it has become a daily partner which you interact with continually during the day.  The phone has become so a part of us that some never turn it off.  It is always there, even sometimes when we inwardly wish we could be free from that electronic tether.

Then at the end of the day we reach the safety of home after a long day working; slap the phone in the charger, get some food and before ya know it we're transfixed by a larger screen with programming designed to spy on us and keep us from being alone with our own thoughts.  If you don't think keeping your attention isn't a major effort then consider that this year the cost of a thirty second super bowl commercial was five million bucks!

There is something else we could all do with our personal technology; we could use it as a social weapon of equality.  Remember the "Arab Spring," it wasn't so long ago.  I think America could use a spring cleaning like that.  Properly done it could bring a million voices together to demand accountability from our so called elected officials.  Use your technology to amplify your voice & your intention that the list of shit powerful people can get away with is officially too fucking long; and we ain't gonna take it anymore.  We can connect with each other as never before and start the engines of reform without waiting another 60 years for Washington DC to do it for us.  Or we could just watch porn & send dick pics until the apocalypse washes over us all; but that seems such a waste.

In your hands you hold the power to transform this place in every meaningful way.
Rise as one.

© 2017 full re-post with permission only 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Madman in the White House

Whatever political perspective you may come from on this presidents day; I think most will agree that the first month of Trump in the white house has been anything but dull & uneventful.  The futile foot dragging by the democrats on cabinet confirmations isn't accomplishing much beyond making divisive party politics a permanent stalemate; and of course to further anger the fuhrer, Herr Twitler.  

Now the spin doctors, along with Trump loyalists like Spicer and Conway are doing all they can think of to distract from the one thing all of this has come to be about; and that folks is treason, as defined in the Logan Act.  Flat out un-deniable TREASON, simple as that!

Trump and his entire regime are guilty of treason under the Logan Act for repeated conversations with the Russians during the campaign, to skew the election in Trump's favor.  As it turns out; several of Trump's advisors and aides spoke to Russian operatives on several occasions, as well as General Flynn.  It also seems highly likely that Trump knew of/if not ordered the illegal contacts.  The actual reality of things for the sake of some clarity is that Trump didn't fire Flynn; he fired acting attorney general Sally Yates, who warned him about Flynn. 

What makes Trump complicit in this beyond the fact that he chose Flynn, is that he kept  him for a full 17 days after Flynn lied to the vice president!  In those 17 days Trump was trying to figure a way to keep Flynn; so he is just as guilty as Flynn himself.  This cowardly traitor Trump tries to blame the whole mess on Hillary???  That is nothing less that Trump's insanity showing through once again, for all to see.  How by any stretch of logic can he possibly connect anything to her?   Have you noticed yet that with this one, it is always somebody else's fault, Trump never admits being wrong or making mistakes.  Does it seem healthy to you that a grown adult man should say such childish things, over and over?

As the Flynn treason was grabbing the headlines Andrew Puzder, Trump's appointed secretary of labor withdrew when his history of wife abuse was outed by Oprah.  Meanwhile: a Russian spy ship is snooping on us 35 miles off  the east coast, and Russian jets are buzzing US ships in the black sea...poking & provoking our new president Bannon to see how he will react.  Meanwhile Trump poses for even more executive order signings.

The entire security apparatus of our country is literally up in the air.  With damaging leaks pouring forth from disgruntled government personnel every day; Trump is focused on his twitter rants; a carnival of lies press conference, and a re-election campaign rally!  After repeatedly blasting Obama for taking too many vacations, Trump the hypocrite in chief flees to his southern white house every weekend so far and that of course is all at taxpayers expense.   Trump has taken the day off to go golfing six times since inauguration day.  Now compare this to Obama who did not take any time off until day 127 of his first term.

 Also paid for by taxpayers are all living expenses for secret service, & travel related to Trump's wife and youngest son who aren't yet on the white house staff.  Speaking of staff; candidate Trump vowed that he would sign over the day to day running of his businesses to his children to comply with federal conflict of interest laws.  Well it turns out that was just one more double barreled lie because he not only hasn't signed over anything to anyone; he found jobs for his adult children in his administration.  Factor in his refusal to release his tax returns after vowing many times to do so; and it's clear to see that this "short fingered vulgarian" believes he is above the law, and that rules are for other people.

Trump's first solo press conference was 77 minutes of lies, and alternative reality; starting with some old lies about the new Boeing contract for 2 new Air Force One planes.  As he often does Trump ignored the fact that the planes in question are to replace the current ones but not for several years in the future, claiming he killed the contract to save money.  For the third time now Trump also took credit for pulling us out of the TPP- except the TRUTH happens to be we were never signed onto that accord, so there was nothing for us to pull out of.  Trump makes stuff up to claim credit for when he actually did nothing, and the lie is so transparent.  Those are the actions of a child.  Simple as that!

 Trump opened the farce conference with his newest lie "My administration is a finely tuned machine" which is as absurd as it can be with all the calamity of spies, leaks, and firings.  Now, before you just pass that by, take a second look.  Doesn't it sound a bit like what he said about his inauguration speech when he said it stopped raining for him to talk (no it didn't) and that he saw "a million and a half people" (who were not there).  Only the very young or the very disturbed have such a loose grip on reality.  When a fully grown adult behaves this way consistently it is a problem.  When that man is also the president it becomes more than a problem, it becomes a national disgrace.

Trump continued his litany of lies with the claims that "Russia is a ruse" & "Mine was highest ever electoral college vote count."  Trump actually had the 5th worst number of electoral votes not to mention loosing by 3 million popular votesHe only accepts questions from alt-right media outlets which favor him.  Perhaps most bizarrely he claims that the firing of Flynn was somehow Hillary Clintons fault.  Once again he shows us that he is incapable of letting things go...why is he still campaigning against Hillary? WTF???

Taking a page out of the Adolph Hitler book of fascism; during his press conference Trump ranted on about how the established media are all fake news and should be ignored.  This is the first step towards his goal of eliminating news media altogether.  Simultaneously he will be making calculated moves to also eliminate the same judiciary branch which struck down his illegal and immoral Muslim ban.

Now I would be first to agree that the state of the fifth estate is woefully degenerated from it's lofty duty to a free and independent nation.  It really isn't freedom when you get to choose your own master; and when all media in America is owned by just 6 corporations it ain't media any longer, it's propaganda.  Having acknowledged that, I must also say that just because they became self-serving and corrupt is no reason to do away with news media.  Corruption can be fixed after a while.

Speaking of campaigning, on Saturday Feb. 18 trump held his first re-election rally in a Florida aircraft hangar where he mostly repeated the lies he told to get elected, with a sprinkling of new lies he just made up.  Really?!?  With his administration faltering right out of the gates; Isis threats, a Russian spy ship cruising up & down our eastern coastline, not to mention the whole Russian hacking and violations of the  Logan act treasonous behavior from his staff...he holds a rally to get re-elected?? 

What is wrong with this man?

OK folks, here's the deal.  Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, which is actually three personality disorders at once; and the only purpose of the Florida rally was  because he is addicted to the applause and adulation, he simply cannot give it up.  Of course he covers this up with the lie that he wants to speak "directly to America" without the filter of "fake news" but it is all about getting that fix.  So I guess unless we get rid of the madman in the white house, we'd best get used to these ego rallies every other weekend.

 The two things the Trump regime will try to destroy next will be the free press and the judiciary branch of government.  They are always the first targets in any fascist takeover, and it will be no different this time.  They are calling Trump's cabinet the demolition team with key government agencies being headed by those who have tried openly to destroy them.  Plunder monkeys.

Trump's administration has become a 3-ring circus where every day there's a new scandal, or outlandish lies or just whatever they trot out to distract us from what undoubtedly will go down as the largest, worst and most destructive instance of political treason against America.  This will not be over until Trump and his entire crew of criminals are removed from office and placed immediately in Gitmo to await their trials for treason and other high crimes.

 In an interview not long ago, Steve Bannon made the remark that Trump is "their" blunt instrument, and that he didn't think Trump hadn't figured it out yet.  I ask, does that sound to you like "a white house running like a fine tuned machine"?  By blunt instrument, Bannon refers to their use of Trump as the court jester to entertain, outrage and in other ways deflect attention away from what's being done in the background, away from prying eyes and ears.  While we are distracted with Trump's antics, tweets and blustering bullshit; the Bannon Brigade is stealing America's wealth as they cut away at our country's foundations, weakening us enough for the jackals to finish us off as the brigade slips away in the night.  

The daily leaks indicating a white house in turmoil are coming from the same intelligence agencies, president-elect Trump disparaged, and  who are not exactly comprised of liberals; so when they get freaked out enough to break the law in defense of the country; you can bet it's serious shit.  It isn't exactly a Washington secret that the Kennedy assassination took place mere weeks after he vowed to destroy the CIA.  Even without that; a sane man does not go about insulting the cadre of professional assassins who are now working for him.  Not a fight a sane man would want anything to do with.

Trump has also just signed a new "executive order" giving the police much broader powers and authority, which just takes us one notch closer to a full on police state. He also has plans to use the national guard to enforce the forceful deportations of thousands.   Last week Trump signed an executive order authorizing the hiring of 1500  new full time border patrol agents.

And then there is THIS Shit:

It has also recently come to light thru the on-going leaks from within the Trump regime; that he plans to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants.  Here again emulating his role model Adolph Hitler.  A few weeks ago you may have heard people cringe upon hearing that old, stale, trite comparison, but no more.  Each week Trump announces yet another travesty to democracy modeled after the third Reich of Nazi Germany, because it worked so very well for them.  A few months ago when Trumps former wife commented that he keeps a book of Hitler speeches on his bedside table, I imagine many folks doubted it.  I'd wager they're believing it now.

The austere programs & plans now being implemented by Trump exactly mirror the blueprint followed by Hitler, and every other authoritarian despot right up to & including Putin & Kim Jong Un who just also happen to be 'leaders' Trump admires.  Is any of this getting thru?  We're in some degree of danger here folks, the kind that comes banging on your door in the dead of night to haul you off to the re-education center.  Doesn't it bother you just a little bit that in the last few days Trump's regime has concocted three totally fake terror attacks that never happened?  It should bother you, if it doesn't yet maybe google up a refresher course in 20th century history.

Apparently in retaliation for the court shooting down the Muslim ban, Trump sent ICE troopers across Trumpland to arrest known illegal immigrants who have been here for decades in some cases; essentially using Obama's "Deferred action for childhood arrivals" (DACA)~ known as 'the dreamers' program, as a deportation list.  A cowards move, to arrest & deport those who are not causing problems.  Over 700 arrested, so far, with 750,000 names on the DACA list for trump to pick off.  What a dick move for a fucking coward!!!  Canadian border patrols are reporting a huge upsurge in undocumented people attempting to sneak across the border ever since Trump's deportation arrests began.

In the state of California legislature this week lawmakers introduced SB54 which when passed will limit the assistance state police can give to federal agencies seeking to deport undocumented immigrants.  Citing that the swarm of executive orders pouring from the white house are in essence A moving minefield, designed to skirt around existing safeguards; lawmakers are hoping SB54 will effectively make California the countries first Sanctuary City!  The rest of the states need to fall in line behind California; stand up to president Barbie hands and his fascist rat pack before they get dug in like ticks.  Do it now, or do it not, there simply will never be another chance.  What is needed is to repeatedly knock down his illegal decrees with checks and balances as was done with the Muslim ban, until the mid-term elections.  If we cannot re-take our country at that point we might end up kissing America goodbye.

The Republican dominated congress refused to allow Obama to name the replacement for the late judge Scalia on the supreme court; they literally stole that appointment for Trump to fill.  The thing to worry about here is not so much about the one appointment, but the many.  District court judgeships across the country are up for new judges to replace the former ones, and Trump gets to make all of those appointments...ALL of them!  This means that this one fanatical madman can make appointments that will affect life in this country for many many years to come.  Trump the ego maniacal child-king is going to ensure his place in history.  This will not turn out good! 

The Goldwater Rule
In 1964 when republicans picked Barry M. Goldwater as their presidential candidate it didn't take reporters and journalists long to remark on reports that Mr. Goldwater suffered from mental illness in some form. In turn several mental health experts of the day also offered their professional prognosis on the subject. This resulted in the formation and adoption of the Goldwater Rule which simply states that no mental health professional should offer  opinions on politicians they haven't seen personally.  For the most part the psychiatric profession has adhered to the Goldwater rule, until now.

In recent days a rash of mental health professionals have gone public to warn about trump, one has even started a petition to have him removed from office immediately.  Trump has been field diagnosed as having the trifecta of mental disorders known as Malignant Narcissism  which is basically an obsession with one's self, ego run amok, self aggrandizement is all that matters.  From the prideful boasting to the obsessive lying and outright denial of reality, Trump's madness has been on parade for all to see.

We ignored it for the 18 months of the campaign because we thought it was funny and it seemed he'd never win.  Well he did "win" (Alternative loosing) with some help from Russian hackers.  Oh yeah, at first there is a little schadenfreude when we see the wheels falling off the Trump regime, but that is short lived indeed when we remember that we ourselves might not survive the crash.  It ain't funny anymore, is it?

The only thing Trump has made great again is SNL!

Now we must go back and revisit all of those instances when Trumps words and antics made decent Americans cringe, even some who voted for him are cringing nowadays.  We must return to those many video clips we laughed or cursed at, and take a very close look at the madman in the white house, because in case you hadn't noticed, he's recently doubled down on the insanity. 

With the list of criteria mandatory to become the president, why isn't a professional independent psychological examination required??  It has been stated ad nauseous that the reason for having the electoral college is to prevent a madman from ever becoming president.  Well folks, we can now scrap the electoral college because greedy men found a way to use it to install a madman ego lunatic to the presidency so they can loot the country blind as we stand dumbfounded and transfixed with the bumbling clown show that is Donald J. Trump.  Simple as that. 

Some said during the campaign that Trump would change once elected and we wouldn't
see all the childish ego pandering and boasting.  Well here we are just 30 mind numbing days after inauguration and the only change he's made is to get even crazier than before; pushing the country closer each day to total fascism.  

People got upset because Hillary took some work home with her, but that is NOTHING compared to trump who is still using his old (unsecured) Android phone; and who conducted a national emergency security meeting at an open access restaurant...even pointing out the Marine by name who carries the nuclear football.  The Japanese prime minister was his dinner guest when Trump got the emergency news that North Korea just conducted a missile test.  Instead of going to a more private and secure location, Trump and aides got their briefings and looked at data right in the open restaurant.  There is a word for that, and it is Incompetence.  As long as Trump's gigantic ego could soak up the limelight by looking so important: nothing else matters.

None of these embarrassing and potentially damaging events would have taken place if Trump had just used the facilities at camp David to entertain the Japanese prime minister; as that is the intended purpose of that facility.  But no, not Trump.  He insisted upon costing the American taxpayers a few million dollars by flying everybody to Florida to see his over-rated restaurant Mar A Lago.  After 18 months of saying he would 'look out for the average American' now he ignores all that and just does whatever he wants and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it.  In his first month in office Trump's vacations have cost American Taxpayers over 11 million dollars. For some perspective, that's more than Obama's vacations cost for a full year!!  He is partying like it's 1999 and sticking us with the bill.

The true hallmark of the malignant narcissist is they always accuse others of being guilty of what they themselves are guilty of.  Keep this in mind whenever you hear Trump accusing others of being Nazi's or traitors.  Another classic trait of these type people is that they never take responsibility for anything unless it makes them look good.  During his press conference, when pressed by a reporter challenging his boast of having the highest number of electoral votes, Trump instantly backpedaled; claiming "I was given that information.

You see, in the ego-centric reality of the narcissist they are the quintessential Artful Dodger never being wrong, never having to apologize because they see themselves as perfect.  Anything not in harmony or agreement with the narcissistic world view and self image is ignored, ridiculed, or attacked; according to the threat level posed in the moment.  It is perhaps worth noting here that the mask worn by the narcissist is neither effortless or foolproof.  It takes a lot of energy to maintain outward appearances while simultaneously shielding the ego from outside reality.  Masks can slip, crack and break under extreme stress or emotional upheaval.

Many narcissists such as Donald Trump leave a wake of failed marriages and broken families behind them because if they remarry quickly they can maintain the mask of perfection by seeing themselves as the one who is desirable, adorable and perfect.  Always looking to shift the blame anywhere else.  The thing is, and this is key; if they should falter, if their mask should slip revealing the diseased mind behind it, that is when they are the most dangerous, volatile and unpredictable.

Malignant narcissists are true masters of equivocation, prevarication, and projecting their guilt upon others.  These things are as easy for them as breathing is for us, and as with breathing, it's an automatic reflex thing; it's their nature.  Unfortunately, the medical professions do not consider narcissism to be a disease as such, because the narcissist does not suffer from the condition; only those they prey upon suffer and in this case that means it's humanity versus Trump.

Narcissists are also fond of gaslighting, which is a kind of psychological manipulation of facts, events and people, designed to muddy the waters, shift the narrative, and make one doubt their sanity in general.  Both projecting and deflection are employed as a means to their devious ways.

Donald Trump literally hounded Obama for years over all that ridiculous birther crap, then refused to say it aloud that he was wrong & it was proven beyond a doubt.  Narcissists simply cannot admit to ever being wrong.  This one, this Trump has to work overtime to keep his enormous ego fed, hence all the rallies after he took office.  We have literally created a monster here, one that seems now to require these regular rally events. 

Pretty soon he will run out of bullshit names to call them and will have to admit they are just to keep his ego fully charged.  When his energy runs down the harsh realities of the real world the rest of us live in come crashing into Trumps brain.  He cannot tolerate that; so now that we got him used to adoring, Hitler saluting fans to keep him charged up and fully delusional.  What do you suppose he would be like if he couldn't get that adoration any more?  

This week Trump announced the creation of a government investigation to look into his delusional claim about "massive voter fraud."  It matters not to Donald Trump that every single expert in the field agrees that there simply ain't no such animal;  he "feels" it is true, and so in his personal warped reality that is good enough for him.  When recently asked who he will be relying on in foreign policy matters, he actually said, " Myself, I have a great mind and I've said a lot of things."  Whether he really conducts an investigation; or steals the funding money doesn't really matter; either way it's money that could be better spent fixing the water in Flint, Michigan or helping homeless veterans!

Elsewhere this week in Trumpland, Herr Twitler emulated Conway & Spicer and literally made up a terror attack in Sweden after they took in many refugees.  It was so egregious that the government of Sweden actually asked for an explanation...what is he talking about?  As it turned out, there were no terror related problems in Sweden!!

Trump is just like atoms, because they both make up everything.

In all of his frantic ranting about terrorism this week Trump failed to mention the Florida man who was arrested for plotting to plant bombs in 10 Target stores along the east coast.  How odd Trump wouldn't mention that at all, not once.  Just another totally bogus, made up terrorist attack in Sweden!

Then there is the undeniable & detestable fact that Trump is a misogynistic sexual predator who openly rates women according to if they are attractive enough for him to pussy grab, yes, let us not forget about the pussy grabbing sexual predator.

Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old girl some years back with a friend of his, and I believe he still has court dates pending on that one.  Even worse are the reports (and pictures) of Trump groping his own daughters; not to mention the numerous times he has repeated his desire to "Date" Ivanka.  You can  get more perverted than that but ya gotta go some to do it.  Oh yes, good time to mention the "golden showers" by Russian hookers and no doubt others as well.  The point here is that Trump is one sick puppy.

At his ego-feeding rally Trump repeatedly bragged about how he was keeping all of his campaign promises; except of course for the ones he seems to have no recollection of making, such as his promise to release his tax returns.  Every president for nearly half a century has released their personal tax returns, it's what we call a tradition; and yet somehow Trump figures he is above all that and doesn't have to if he doesn't want to, defiantly daring somebody to try to make him play by the rules.  He won't ever divulge those tax records because they will show exactly how much money he borrowed from Russian banks!

Then there is the issue of  his promise to divest himself from his businesses to avoid any possible conflict of interest; which happens to be legally required!  Aside from showing us a conference table stacked high with empty manila folders fresh from office depot; Trump has done nothing whatsoever to keep his promise and separate himself from his empire.  He not only arrogantly thinks he doesn't have to, he also thinks nobody can make him.  Same thing with the tax returns. 

At his bizarre 2020 re-election rally he kept boasting about all the campaign promises he is keeping.  Oh yeah, how about his promise to release his taxes, and to divest himself from conflict of interest?  How about the promise he made that the deportations would be handled gently, with consideration.  He just deported a busload of children for crying out loud.  Trump is nothing but a lying, cheating scumbag in a bad suit with a six foot red tie.  Our very own homegrown Genocide Clown.

An old saying advises young men that if they want to know about a girl, praise her to her girlfriends.  I find it both interesting and revealing reading what other billionaire businessmen say about Donald Trump.

Richard Branson recently said of trump "He invited me to lunch at his gold filled New York apartment, it was just both of us.  During the entire lunch he only spoke of one thing: REVENGE.  For over two hours he told me how he was going to get even, and destroy all those who didn't help him when he was completely broke."

Mark Cuban commented, "Donald has been at this for a year, but you don't look at him and say, wow he's gotten so much smarter on this topic or that topic.  In fact you look at him and say 'what the hell are you talking about?'  That's not good for America."  Cuban hinted in 2015 that he considered running for president, saying he thought he could beat either Clinton or Trump.  As recently as last week Cuban was again quoted as saying he might run in 2020.

 That will be what that will be, but if he does he won't be running against Trump no matter how much he'd like to...Trump won't last that long: because "I'm Hearing" that impeachment documents are being drawn up.

We continue to wonder about Trump's mysterious & shady connections to Russia & Putin.  Over and over Trump keeps saying "we should try to get along with Russia," alluding that our countries are similar.  One can only wonder why Trump is so fond of Russia and Putin but one thing is certain; he's not going to tell us, no more than he's going to release his tax returns or divest himself from conflict of interest with his businesses.

As mentioned in a previous post, Trump has borrowed heavily from Russia because American lenders refuse to deal with the king of bankruptcies.  That huge debt could well be used by Putin as leverage; not to mention rumors persisting of a video tape showing Trump getting a golden shower from Russian hookers.

Putin wants several things from Trump.  Top of the list would be to end US sanctions against Russia and to weaken NATO.  He also wants America to adopt his pro-Assad stance in Syria.  Next he'd like the US to recognize and legitimize his annexation of Crimea.  Obviously giving such concessions to Putin would go against our values and interests internationally but they might just reduce Trump's monetary debt to Russian banks!  I'm just sayin.

Meanwhile, today in cities all across Trumpland; people took to the streets by the thousands in an organized effort they called "Not my president day."  Perhaps Trump will acknowledge them in an angry twitter rant, but my guess is the news never made it inside the bubble of self-delusion that is Donald J. Trump.

A note to my regular, longtime readers: Yes I am aware that I began this expression as primarily a spiritually orientated blog focused upon the uncharted landscape of the Aquarian age, to kind of help us all find a better path to where it is we are going.  If we strive to be like the Buddha and be in this world but not of  it in these extraordinary times we may find ourselves too detached from the world around us to survive it.  It behooves us to not only be aware of our mundane surroundings but to also live our spiritual values to their/our highest expression.  That would include speaking truth to power; and anyone else with ears to hear and eyes to see.  Ignoring the ugly and distasteful aspects of the human condition isn't spiritual, it's denial.

As a combat veteran I cannot remain silent in the face of what is happening in this country right before our astonished eyes.  I have grandkids in high school and some day if they should ask what I did when the Nazi's tried to take over our country I want to have an answer I won't be ashamed of.  No, I haven't converted this space to being a political blog; please indulge me, I'm on a bit of a rant recently.  Several non-political posts are in the pipeline even now.  Either way I know I won't be happy (or shut up) until I see Trump in a jumpsuit that matches his complexion with federal marshals leading him away.

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When Congress members across the nation returned to their home districts on 2/21 they were greeted with town hall meetings full of raging angry constituents demanding explanations; and assurances Obamacare won't be repealed without replacement.  They mostly are angry that nothing is being done by anyone to control the madman in the white house, and they are afraid.  One citizen in an Iowa town hall gathering told his representative: "It feels like the a juvenile is running the country!"

    When news of the nationwide angry protests reached Trump; he tweeted 
that the "so called" protesters "were all paid professional activists."
 Lame man, really lame!  Meanwhile, the protests are growing, and spreading.  
Uh oh, time for our so called president to have another Ego rally!
In America this week the State of Arizona introduced a bill
giving the state power to confiscate land and property
of those arrested for protesting!

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Republican congress just voted to hide Trump's Tax returns

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